3 Ways to Position your Bonuses to Increase Conversion

Are you enticing your prospects to buy your product with compelling bonuses?

If not, you should!

It’s one of the easiest strategies you can use now to increase your conversion instantly.

Here how you can position your bonuses to increase conversion or to entice an action:

  1. Create, agitate and fill an unfulfilled need

Assuming you’re selling a weight-loss course and the positioning/message of the course is about optimizing your nutrition (e.g. eliminating sugar) for sustainable weight loss, can you also offer free lifetime access to your weight-loss community (forum) so your potential customers can get peer support in her weight-loss journey as well?

You bet! Done correctly, your prospect sees this as a valuable motivator for her to purchase.

But how do you do it effectively? 3 quick steps:

  1. In your copy, introduce the WANT to get the product.
    e.g. “We have this community of 9,234 members that are on the same path as you. They understood how you feel, they’ve been through what you’re going through, with some already successful in achieving their goals. With the support of these people, you’re 3 times more likely to be more successful.”
  2. Back up the claims with facts to improve believability.
    e.g. “It’s true, according to this research…”
  3. Agitate the pain.
    e.g. “If you haven’t seen progress in your weight-loss journey after spending tons of money, what could have gone wrong? Maybe you’re not doing the right exercise, maybe you’re not eating right, or maybe you don’t have anyone to advise you along the way. Whatever it is, the right time and place are now. Joining our community will smart cut your way in achieving your goals.”
  4. Put a value.
    e.g. “Normally this community cost $29.95 per month or $359 a year”
  5. Call to Action.
    e.g. “If you buy the course before (date/now), you’ll get lifetime access to the community for free”
  6. Scarcity.
    e.g. “An important reminder, this bonus will only be valid before (date).”

2. Convenient/Speed/Ease of Use

Million Dollar Question: What would make your prospects’ life easier and faster in achieving her goals?

In the weight-loss example above, can you offer a free weight-tracking app so that she can track her progress everyday? (Convenience)

Can you offer a free report of 10 food she should start eating to lose weight rapidly? (Speed)

Can you recommend a list of high-quality meal preparation service she can use to eat healthily? (Ease of eating)

If you’re only selling a written course, can you also offer audio and video training to ease and fasten their consumption? (Speed, easy of use)

The opportunity is endless!

3. “Done for you”

Most people are lazy. They want quick solutions, they want the world, and they want it now.

The best way to position your bonus with this built in psychology is to offer a “Done for you” product.

In the weight-loss example above, can you offer a proven, done for you eating schedule?

In the schedule, can you offer a proven, a list of “done for you” food to eat/avoid?

Once they know what to eat/avoid, can you offer a list of the supermarket that sells the highest-quality food?

Done correctly, “done for you” is extremely effective.

That’s it!

3 easy and proven ways to increase your conversion with bonuses 🙂

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